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Mothers & More East Bay Chapter
Upcoming Events

February 19, 2004 - "Aromatherapy Health & Healing"
Guest speaker Dyann Castro-Wehr will talk about simple remedies for mothers and children.  She will bring essential oils and mix elixirs for people to smell, try, and buy (no obligation).
Please join us for a fun and informative evening!
April 15, 2004 - Learn about Alameda County's "First Five Programs."
Janis Burger, Deputy Director of "Every Child Counts -- Alameda County First Five Programs" will provide an overview of the progams for infants through age five funded by the tobacco tax.
You're welcome to check out the learning videos she donated.
July 15, 2004 - "Secrets to Building Long & Happy Relationships"
Have you ever wanted to know how to build strong, happy, and long lasting relationships?  Have you ever wanted to understand what makes some couples so happy together? 
Dr. Lenore Caffey, will discuss the keys for building strong and long lasting relationships.  Included in the talk she will cover the importance of gender and role differences, what happens to a relationship when children enter the picture, how to handle those problems that never seem to get resolved, the critical role that "making up" plays for staying happy together, and more.  All to help provide you with the steps for building your "happily ever after."
Dr. Lenore Caffey is a Clinical Psychologist and an expert in the areas of depression, anxiety and relationships.

Events subject to change.